Gluten-Check ELISA R5

Gluten-Check ELISA R5

Food Industry - Gluten

Gluten R5 Check ELISA from Bio-Check (UK) is a quantitative method for the detection of gluten in products and surfaces. It consists of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay based on the “Méndez R5” antibody. It is used for the validation of cleaning (rinsing waters and surfaces), the control of raw materials and the final product.


• 48 and 96 well versions
• Detection limit: 0.15 ppm gluten
• Range of quantification: Kit for 48 wells: 2.5-20 ppm product, Kit for 96 wells: 2.5-50 ppm product and 5-100 μg / L surfaces
• Total test time: 140 minutes for 10 samples (including extraction)


• Largest portion size to test: 1 g
• Odorless extraction
• Quick to run (fractionated reagents, room temperature, incubation 20 + 20 + 20 minutes)
• High precision testing
• Reliable results (validation with incurred samples and included assay controls)
• Flexible use (separate strips and possibility of automation)


Art. R6098 Gluten Check ELISA 48 wells / 2-point standard curve
Art. R6099 Gluten Check ELISA 96 wells / 5-point standard curve
Art. R6102 Gluten Extraction Kit 20 tubes for sample extraction