Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry


Our line of products for cleaning and annotation for class 100 areas is a result of constant innovation. In response to the needs of laboratories, we were pioneers with the introduction of the first low particle generation wipes, and today we are leaders in this line which is the result of our experience and continuous development.

Industria Farmacéutica

Sterilization controls

Biological controls are the fundamental tools to validate the sterilization process and its effectiveness. A biological indicator is defined as a preparation for a given specific micro-organism that provides a defined and stable resistance to a sterilization process.

In addition to the validation process, it is necessary a routine control that ensures the stability of the parameters and the effectiveness of sterilization with different loads. Integrators are devices that provide this information at the time. These are simulators that replicate the outcome of the monitors when they are living under the same conditions that are necessary for the destruction of microorganisms..


Sterilization Packaging

In 1991 we started with our first product. It was on this basis we develop a complete line of packaging for sterilization especially suitable for the pharmaceutical industry, where priority was to solve problems caused by the use of unsuitable materials.