About us

We provide essential supplies for the pharmaceutical, food and wine industries, and hospitals. Our products guarantee high quality in packaging systems and sterilization control, microbiology, sterile production in clean areas as well as in food and beverages manufacturing processes.

We represent renowned international companies such as FG Clean Wipes (USA), Propper Manuf. Co. (USA), Hawo, Elma, VP Stericlin, Coveris (Alemania), Mast Group (UK), Aidian (Finland), BioSentec (France), Bio-check (UK), Prognosis (Greece), Amcor (France), Huachengyang (China). We also have our own cleaning wipes lines: ClinWipe ®.

Our History

We started with a challenge in the field of food microbiology. In 1991, with GENE TRAK Systems (USA), our first representation, we introduced the molecular hybridization technique with DNA probes to detect pathogens in food. This was a great innovation as well as a necessary tool for our food industry.

At the same time, we engaged in the pharmaceutical industry providing new technology products in order to bring about improvements in the production, mainly, of sterile forms.

Since then and by means of the best representations around the world, we continue to offer essential products so that our industry has the latest technology, allowing it to achieve and ensure quality in food and drugs production.

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