Our products for sterilization packaging are distinguished by their superior quality that ensures the safety of the process. They comply with the international and national regulatory requirements of the area, and are manufactured in controlled and validated production processes, with traceability of the materials used.

Our sterile barrier systems: pouches (self-sealing, on rolls, for large pieces) and sterilization wraps, meet the requirements of DIN EN ISO 11607 - 1 and 2, DIN EN 862-2 and EN 868 - 1 and 5. Strong adhesive tape complies with AAMI / ISO 11140-1 Type 1. Our wraps, in addition to ensuring the sterility of the material until the moment of use, are the solution to the problems of particles and contamination, given their low detachment.

Hawo sealers have functions to monitor the heat-sealing process according to ISO 11607-2 and the ISO/DTS 16775 guide. It ensures efficient and reproducible packaging, even for large volumes.

We also provide the Stericlin sealing tests for the control and validation of the heat-sealing process in accordance with DIN EN ISO 11607-2. Appendix A.7.2.