Sterilization pouches VP Stericlin reels

Sterilization pouches VP Stericlin reels

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The rolls of transparent pouches Stericlin® made of paper and film are suitable for sterilizing light to average weight items. Available with or without bellows.

Complies with standards DIN EN ISO 11607 and DIN EN 868-5.


• Paper of 70 g and transparent film
• High resistance to pack light or heavy weight devices
• With printed sterilization indicators: steam, EO and FORM
• With or without bellows


• Effective barrier against germs and bacteria
• Successful transmission of sterilization air, steam or gas


Art. 3FKS230114 Box x 2 pouch rolls for autoclave without gusset 25cm x 200cm
Art. 3FKSS230216 Box x 1 pouch roll for autoclave with gusset 30cm x 6.5cm x 100cm
Art. 3FKFS230116 Box x 1 roll Pouch for autoclave without gusset 30cm x 200cm