Special Pouches for large or heavy items

Special Pouches for large or heavy items

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The Blue Line Stericlin Pouches are made of non-woven 56 g/m²and laminated film. Outside the filling area, the pouches/rolls have printed indicators of STEAM, EO and FORM. They combine the advantages of the soft packings (non-woven material) with the simple handling of transparent. The high permeability to air and steam allow its use with bulky and porous objects. Given its mechanical resistance it can also pack heavy devices safely.

Comply with requirements of DIN EN ISO 11607 and EN 868-5.



• Non-woven material of 56g and 58g / transparent film
• With printed sterilization indicators
• High permeability to air and steam
• High mechanical resistance to pack heavy devices


• Safe packing of heavy devices
• Allow heavy loads due to high permeability


Art. 3FKFB240125 Blue line Stericlin pouches, transparent with 3rd generation wrap base. Box x 250 pouches of 570 x 720mm