Self-sealing Pouches Chex-All II

Self-sealing Pouches Chex-All II

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Self-adhesive pouches Chex-All II for use in steam and ethylene oxide sterilization. They provide permeability, a sterile barrier and the benefit of a pre-printed chemical indicator. The 19mm-wide adhesive line guarantees a safe seal not affecting the steam or EO exposure.


• 74 gr medical paper / 63,5 μ first quality plastic
• With pre-printed chemical indicator inside and outside the bag:
- in steam sterilization the indicator shows a change in color from yellow to black
- in EO sterilization the indicator changes color from red to green
• With triple paper and plastic film sealing to guarantee the content safety


• High protection level
• Triple paper and film sealing ensuring the content safety
• With steam and EO sterilization indicator in the inside and outside
• Available in different sizes


Art. 2401200 Self adhesive Pouches Chex-All II Box x 500 pouches 17.8 x 30.5cm
Art. 2401400 Self adhesive Pouches Chex-All II Box x 250 pouches 20.3 x 40.6cm
Art. 2401800 Self adhesive Pouches Chex-All II Box x 250 pouches 30.5 x 45.7cm