High binding blue indicator tape for steam

High binding blue indicator tape for steam

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The blue indicator tape from Propper Mfg. Co. provides a means to identify the steam sterilization packings and guarantee the packages safety during and after sterilization. It is perfect for non-woven wraps.

Complies with requirements of AAMI / ISO 11140-1 Type 1


• Adhesive tape with indicator for steam sterilization
• With latex-free adhesive and with crepe texture
• Super resistant, free from lead and heavy metals


• Safe packings before, during and after sterilization
• Its strong adhesive and lining allow for an easy application
• Its adhesive is specifically formulated, provides a safe bonding of non-woven, paper, metal and glass fabrics and packings, but enables a simple removal without leaving any trace or residues


Art. 268008 x 12 Box x 12 tapes of 19mm x 55m
Art. 268008 x 48 Box x 48 tapes of 19mm x 55m