Clean Card

Clean Card

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Clean Card is a device intended to detect the presence of proteins and monitor the correct cleaning of surfaces and equipment. Protein residues on surfaces indicate insufficient cleaning that can pose a threat to health by promoting the growth of pathogens. When proteins come into contact with the Clean Card, a color change from yellow to green or blue is visually detected, indicating inadequate cleaning.


• Each Clean Card has a pad impregnated with reagents that is
located on the perforated part of the card
• Detection limit 25 µg of protein in 100 cm2


• Instant information on cleaning surfaces:
results available in 30 seconds
• Simple and easy to interpret procedure
• No equipment for reading requirement
• Long useful life
• Storage at room temperature


Art. 133148 Clean Card 25 test devices, plastic bottle with spray nozzle, comparison card, instructions for use
Art. 133149 Clean Card 50 test devices, comparison card, instructions for use