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MAST CRYOBANK is a versatile, reliable and convenient microbial cryopreservation system to store strains based on cryovials. It enables the preservation and storage of a wide range of bacteria and fungi for a long period of time.


• Composed of chemically treated beads covered with a special hypertonic preserving solution and contained within a cryovial
• Appropriate for its use at -80C
• Storage of ATCC/NTCC collection strains or isolations of fungi, yeasts and bacteria
• Threaded pipe that reduces contamination risk



• Simple use procedure
• Easy to store: boxes designed to store in the freezer
• Easy to find: microorganism identification in the grid of the box lid
• Color and bar code to help in classification of microorganisms with an excellent traceability
• Long-term storage and preservation of troublesome microorganisms for up to 9 years
• Permits the establishment of microbial culture collections, providing a cost-effective alternative to lyophilisation, repeated subculture or purchase of control organisms


Art. CRYO80 / M Box of 80 cryovials with pearls of various colors (blue, green, red, yellow)