CY-715A TOC analysis swabs

CY-715A TOC analysis swabs

Pharmaceutical Industry - Cleaning Validation

HCY-715A is a swab for analysis of TOC (Total Organic Carbon) as part of the cleaning validation protocol. Low TOC level certified.


• Certified low TOC level (<50 μg / L, <50 ppb) ensure consistency in the background contribution of the swab.
• Double layer of polyester fabric
• Better recovery of contaminant and release into the diluent
• 100% polypropylene handle, with detachable notch


• Thermally bonded structure, eliminate adhesive contamination
• Removable, notched, 100% polypropylene handle allows head to be placed in vial with minimal handling and contamination
• Double-woven, double-layer polyester head traps contaminants in its structure during sampling
• Maximum collection and release of contaminants in the diluent to provide excellent recovery rates


HCY-715A Swabs for TOC analysis Box of 500 swabs (5 bags x 100 swabs)