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Easicult tests are reliable and easy-to-use culture tests system for fast on-site monitoring of microbial contaminations in industrial fluids. It is an appropriate device for the transport of samples to analyze.


• Culture plates in sterile tubes with room temperature storage
• Available for Total Count (Easicult TTC), Fungi and Yeast (Easicult M replaced by Hygicult Y&F now) and simultaneous determination: for total count, Fungi and Yeast (Easicult Combi)


• Easy to interpret, no colonies counted
• No need for personnel trained in microbiology
• No need for additional equipment
• Can be cultivated in controlled temperature equipment or at room temperature (requires longer time)
• Long shelf life: 6 months in PS (polystyrene) tubes and 9 months in PP (polypropylene) tubes
• Possible uses: paper industries, metallurgical industry fluids, fuels, paints / pigments / varnishes, automotive, cooling towers and water, cosmetic industry, fuel tanks (airplanes, ships)


Art. 67683 Easicult TTC PS 10 samples
Art. 05988 Easicult TTC PP 10 samples
Art. 68013 Hygicult Y&F (current replacement of Easicult M) 10 samples
Art. 67987 Easicult Combi PS 10 samples
Art. 05984 Easicult Combi PP 10 samples