Elmasonic EASY ultrasonic cleaner

Elmasonic EASY ultrasonic cleaner

Pharmaceutical Industry - Cleaning - Hospitals - Cleaning

Elmasonic EASY offers ultrasonic cleaning controlled by a microprocessor with «Sweep» technology representing the latest technology. It is characterized by a simple and friendly operation. Guarantees a maximum cleaning quality.


• Has ultrasonic frequency of 37 kHz.
• Switchable sweep function for an optimal distribution of the sound field during the cleaning bath in order to achieve a uniform ultrasonic effect
• Safe dry heating
• Stainless steel basket resistant to cavitation erosion
• Adjustable limit temperature with warning sign in case it exceeds


• Ultrasonic cleaning does not damage the surfaces and leaves no trace in none of the possible cavities
• Delicate devices should be smoothly cleaned
• High user protection with automatic safety switch-off after 8-hour continuous operation or at a temperature of 90°C
• Cover as sound protection and drip tray


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