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HYGICULT tests are a reliable and easy-to-use system for the microbiological analysis and hygiene control of surfaces and solid or liquid products. It is an appropriate device for the transport of samples.
Method validated by AOAC and certified by NMKL / NordVal.


• Culture plates in sterile tubes with room temperature storage
• Available for Total Count (Hygicult TPC), Fungi and Yeasts (Hygicult Y&F) and other determinations: fecal contamination (Hygicult E), coliforms (Hygicult CF) and E.coli (Hygicult E / -GUR)


• Easy to interpret, no colonies counted
• No need for personnel trained in microbiology
• No need for additional equipment
• Can be cultivated in controlled temperature equipment or at room temperature (requires longer time)
• Long shelf life: 6 months
• Possible uses: food and beverage production, cosmetic industry, restaurants and catering, hospitals, spas and swimming pools, gyms, beauty and tattoo salons, laundries and textile services


Art. 68010 Hygicult TPC 10 samples
Art. 68012 Hygicult E 10 samples
Art. 68013 Hygicult Y&F 10 samples
Art. 68267 Hygicult E/-GUR 10 samples
Art. 06036 Hygicult CF 10 samples