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The cleaning control OK-Sonic is designed for validating and routine monitoring of ultrasonic baths and confirms its optimal operation. If OK-Sonic is clean, you can be sure that your devices are clean and ready for sterilization.

It is used with a special holder that fastens to the equipment grid.


• Multi-parameter test: checks time, temperature, transducers, cavitation and detergent.
• Contains two soil marks that provide increased confidence
• Soil mimics all bodily fluids and tissues that can be found on surgical instruments


• Confirms the mechanical action of ultrasonic waves and cavitation throughout the tank.
• Evaluates the ultrasonic bath’s ability to remove soil from washed devices
• Sensitive to enzymatic and alkaline detergent presence


Cod. 26210200 Ultrasonic cleaner control Propper OK-Sonic 1 package x 100

Cod. 26965300 Holder for cleaning verification control OK-Sonic Box x 6
Cod. 26915300 Holder for cleaning verification control OK-Sonic Box x 1