Presaturated Wipes

Presaturated Wipes

Pharmaceutical Industry - Clean Room - Wipes


Pre-saturated wipes with isopropyl alcohol offer benefits such as ease of use, consistency and efficiency. The high-quality materials and saturant along with a safe package accelerate the different cleaning processes.

Recommended for controlled areas in compliance with ISO classes 5 to 8 and 3 to 7.


• Various substrates: cellulose and polyester non-woven, polypropylene, polyester woven.
• Pre-saturated with 70 % isopropyl alcohol / 30 % deionized water
• Packed in resealable pouches


• Consistency in the solvent application
• Ideal evaporation time
• Reduced volatile organic compounds (VOC)
• The bulk liquid storage is minimized
• Safer to store and use
• Accelerate the cleaning process


6-LS7030-PC-24 Non-woven wipes of polyester and cellulose 22 x 22 cm 30 wipes/pouch 27 pouches/box

6-LS7030 Polypropylene wipes 22 x 28 cm 30 wipes/pouch 24 pouches/box