Self-sealing Pouches Viewpack

Self-sealing Pouches Viewpack

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Self-adhesive pouches for sterilization Viewpack from Amcor are produced from a strong, high-tech transparent colored plastic film and medical paper very resistant to moisture. Include chemical indicators for sterilization printed outside the load area.

Complies with standards ISO 11607 -1 Y 2 and EN 868-5.


• Produced from a high-tech laminated film, with a resistance to impact 10 times greater than common lamination, virtually deleting breakage occurrence.
• With sterilization process indicator
• Includes self-adhesive sealing system
• Suitable for water steam, ethylene oxide sterilization


• High resistance to tearing, ensuring the aseptic presentation of the package content.
• Minimum fiber removal when opening (no specks)
• To pack in premises where no sealing machines are available to close the bags
• Available in different sizes


Art. 155311256000 View Pack Self adhesives Box x 1000 Pouches of 200 x 330 mm.
Art. 155311257000 View Pack Self adhesives Box x 1000 Pouches of 250 x 400 mm.
Art. 155311259000 View Pack Self adhesives Box x 1000 Pouches of 300 x 450 mm.