Elmasteam 8 med steam cleaner

Elmasteam 8 med steam cleaner

Hospitals - Cleaning

Steam cleaner Elmasteam 8 med is indicated for pre-cleaning devices and removing the most resistant dust, without damaging them. In this way, it allows valuable equipment preservation for a long time.
Registered as class I medical device under regulation MDR (Medical Devices Regulation) UE 2017/745.


• Constant steam pressure (4-8 bar) due to high strength of heating
• Protection against heater dry running
• Intelligent decalcification cycle • Eco-mode to reduce 3-bar operating pressure when not used
• Clear visualization of filling level • Luer-Lock-connection for direct coupling to hollow body devices


• Cleans, washes and dries, all in one
• Adjustable pressure levels
• Lock mode to turn off the steam and compressed air buttons to avoid unintentional use
• Simple manual filling of the pressure tank


Art. 107 5954 Cleaner Elmasteam 8 Med