Gluten R5 Flow Trough (GFT-R5)

Gluten R5 Flow Trough (GFT-R5)

Food Industry - Gluten

Gluten R5 Flow Through from Bio-Check (UK) is a semi-quantitative rapid method for the detection of gluten in products and surfaces. It is based on immunochromatographic assays based on the “Méndez R5” antibody. They are used for the verification of cleanliness, control of raw materials and final product. Provides solid evidence to support Quality Management.


• Gluten R5 Flow Through Food (for food samples)
• Gluten R5 Flow Through Swab (for surface swabbing)
• Kits for 5 samples
• Each kit includes everything necessary to make the determination of gluten in the field or in the laboratory


• Fast: only 10 minutes
• Easy Reading
• No need for additional equipment
• This technique offers the highest sensitivity for a quick test, on 4 ppm products and 0.5μg / 100cm2 on surfaces.
• High selectivity and specificity
• Validated with PWG (Prolamin Working Group) gliadin reference solutions
• Simplicity (fractionated reagents)


Art. R6096 Gluten R5 Flow Through Food / Food. 5 samples
Art. R6081 Gluten R5 Flow Through Swab / Surfaces 5 samples