Lateral S-Flow Reader

Lateral S-Flow Reader

Food Industry - Mycotoxins

The S-Flow reader provides quantitative analysis of Symmetric Green and Symmetric Lateral Flow Assay strips for mycotoxin determination. Performs a fast and accurate scanning process.


• High performance: can read up to six strips at a time in seconds
• Able to read different product strips simultaneously
• Use S-Flow software to process strip data
• S-Flow software requires: Windows 7, 8 or 10, 2GB RAM, 2GB hard disk and Internet connection


• Easy to install and use
• Simple procedure that does not require special training
• Easy placement of the strips on the plate
• USB connection
• The software allows saving sessions in Excel or PDF with a photograph of each strip


Art. SFR-01 Lector S-Flow Reader
Art. SFA01 Software S-Flow