Reveal ® 3-D allergen test

Reveal ® 3-D allergen test

Food Industry - Allergens

REVEAL 3-D is a one-step lateral flow immunochromatographic assay for rapid allergen detection.


• Indicated for rinsing water, surfaces and in some cases in food (kit for total milk)
• Each kit contains everything you need for testing, including 10-sample swabs


• Fast and easy to use
• Test time: 5 minutes
• No need for additional equipment


Art. 902086G Reveal 3D Almond 10 samples
Art. 8565 Reveal 3D Coco
Art. 902082Q Reveal 3D Egg 10 samples
Art. 901031P Reveal 3D Gluten 10 samples
Art. 8519 Reveal 3D Gliadin 10 samples
Art. 902087E Reveal 3D Hazelnut 10 samples
Art. 901041L Reveal 3D Peanut 10 samples
Art. 902081S Reveal 3D Crustacean 10 samples
Art. 902093K Reveal 3D Soy 10 samples
Art. 8479 Reveal 3D Total milk (casein, lactoglobulins) 10 samples
Art. 8405 Reveal 3D Mustard 10 samples
Art. Reveal 3D Sesame 10 samples